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Infinite Discs Tour Event Sponsorship

Custom Tournament Stamped Discs

Custom tournament fundraiser and player's pack discs range from $5.50 - $9.50 per disc. We have an array of brands beyond Infinite Discs molds and we can custom stamp up to 3 foils on one disc. Please e-mail for orders and more information to

Custom Apparel and Water Bottles

Need a memorable players pack? We can help with all your apparel needs. With our sublimations, laser engraving, and diamond cutting abilities we can customize pretty much...anything! Water bottles are a great looking and functional players pack too. Check out our options here. What else? Hats, bags, bag tags, retrievers, mini discs, and more!


Need some "love" for your event? There a couple ways we can show your event some love. If you meet our sponsorship requirements, we can donate online or mobile store gift cards to your event. We are always happy to pay cash for the opportunity to be present at your event.

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