Tournament Payouts

Payouts can be one of the most frustrating things for a tournament director to deal with as a tournament director. Infinite Discs Tour and Infinite Discs payouts can provide an easy way to payout your amateurs AND add some money to your pro payouts as well.

How it works

The more you payout the more you get!

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All payouts can be redeemed through online at or and in person at one of Infinite Discs Tour mobile stores and at any Infinite Discs retail store. All players will automically have an account created with their name, email and pdga # (if available) at Players will have to manually request their credits be transferred to to use their credits at and Infinite Discs Warehouse store and Infinite Discs Idaho. Tournament director can request complimentary physical payout cards. Payouts will not be redeemable by players until the payouts are paid by the tournament director in full. Payouts can be paid out in increments down to the penny. Payouts are valid for 24 months from the time they are issued.