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The Voyager Lite Backpack is a redesigned version of the Voyager with a focus on being lightweight. Still maximizing storage space, the Voyager Lite is 25% lighter than previous voyager models.  It retains the same high standard of quality, comfort, and value that the Voyager packs are known for.   The Voyager Lite is a very lightweight full-featured midsize backpack.


  • 25% Lighter Than Previous Voyager Bags
  • Durable 900D Polyester Material
  • 20-22 Disc Capacity
  • 2 Large Side Panel Zipper Pockets
  • Larger Shoulder and Neck Opening
  • 2 Large Drink Holders
  • Improved Zippers
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Stabilizing Feet
  • Great Tipping Resistance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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