The Southern Utah Disc Golf Association's goal is to bring players, land owners, and businesses together and grow the sport of disc golf in Southwestern Utah.

We help coordinate the members' efforts in matters of:

• Course development, improvement, and maintenance

• Program, event scheduling, and development

• Communication with members, recreational disc golfers, the community, the respective park departments, and other clubs.

We help provide club members and organization:

• To promote disc golf membership and participation locally and regionally,

• To voice their opinions and participate in a disc golf organization,

• To provide credibility with parks departments, potential sponsors, and the PDGA.



President (since 2023) - Brandon Mook Merzlock

Vice President (since 2024) - Eric Lewis

Treasurer (since 2023) - McKael Stapel

Iron County Representative (since 2023) - Michael Wayman

Kane County Representative (since 2023) - Stephen Howells

Washington County Representative (since 2024) - Steven Massey

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